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"ITALY, SLOVENIA & TIN FOIL!" - RORY ALEC'S VLOG No.28 - 29th July 2018

"ITALY, SLOVENIA & TIN FOIL!" - RORY ALEC'S VLOG No.28 - 29th July 2018

On this VLOG it's all about SEEING IS BELIEVING! We will travel 500+ km between three countries! Austria, Italy and Slovenia, all from our local hairdresser' place! Restaurants, Museums, Churches & Palaces all while I get a new hairstyle - truly spirit soul and body this week! SPIRIT SOUL BODY ONLINE SHOP: I invite you to join me on this journey, starting with connecting with us on the SPIRIT SOUL BODY VLOG ‘CLOSED’ FACEBOOK Group. CLICK HERE: To subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more video uploads CLICK HERE: Hope to meet many of you in the ‘Closed’ FB Group. I hope & pray you have a fruitful & peaceful week xxx THE JOURNEY INTO TOMORROW HAS BEGUN! XXX ABOUT RORY ALEC: Co-Founder of a multi National Christian Television Network GODTV, over 7,000 hours of television presentation in the last 20 plus years!.....and then NOTHING since 2014. Its Time to start back on television again......step up and be present. In this new weekly VLOG I will share spirit soul and body - the thoughts, heart and journey of someone who made hard decisions, gave up all, and is starting again from ground zero. Step 1: a regular VLOG to Family and friends (new & old) Step 2:....... lets see! I know He says 'its not over until He says its over!' I am 50 something starting again, subscribe and join me on this exciting new season! All things are possible to s/he who believes! Twitter: @roryalec instagram: roryalec