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Are you an international? A person who lives over and beyond your own personal "borders", beyond your own self interest, comfort zone, someone who thinks about others, not just yourself? A person who feels others, finds pleasure in the development and well being of others. Are you someone who appreciates what you have and wants to share a little of that blessing you enjoy to another life in less fortunate circumstances! If you answered yes to my opening questions? Ha I suspect you ARE an International!


Tii's mantra is: We make a life by what we give!


My name is Rory Alec, a believer, a father, an ex-husband, a Husband, a musician, composer, arranger, performer, a Television producer and veteran TV host & presenter, 


In my working life I have been a Chairman and CEO of many companies, media and humanitarian projects, I have had the privilege of visiting many countries, many cultures, from slums to palaces, meeting presidents, prime ministers, from princes to paupers, men women children from all walks of life, the wonderful and the not so wonderful, and I find in my 50 plus years on planet earth totally agreeing with Louis Armstrong in the lyrics of that great song WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Call  me the eternal optimist, I believe each one of us has the capacity to bring light to dispel the darkness, an act of grace to dissolve a justification, a voice to say yes to right and no to wrong, a heart to forgive and love again and a spirit to carry hope faith and love to the hopeless, faithless and the loveless. 


I have led a privileged life, and the greatest joy, the most overwhelming privilege is to look into someone's eyes, the windows of their souls, the grasp of their hand and the emotion in their voice as they thank you and thank God for your love, support and your action! 


Giving a gift, a life transforming gift, that may NOT COST you much AND take very little time to dispatch.... a gift that can be so quickly forgotten in the business of your day .... your gift IS life altering for them. 


Oh there have been times when I have been over whelmed in my own life, or tired, frustrated, exhausted, over worked under loved or just feeling selfish and then to be reminded by a 'thank you' email from someone somewhere who has just benefitted from a gift I arranged months ago and realizing that, that action of love still works for me, even when I lose sight of the big picture through my MY own challenges! 


Oh and then that joy that comes from realizing that you can and have made a difference in some one else's world, you have brought hope, help, nourishment to your fellow human being, touched someone's heart and for that critical moment made their load lighter, that burden easier to bear, you have provide a chance for someone to stop and breathe, rest, refuel before they continue in their life struggle. That they KNOW, that you are somewhere in the world and that you cared enough to share with them, while you wrestled with your life's journey. 


In that action - your INITIATIVE to reach out, to care enough and  cross into someone else's world, you became, what I like to call an INTERNATIONAL. You and the one you touched, through your reaching out....You both benefitted - became stronger, brighter, less alone, a life creating connection, strengthening faith, generating hope and changing circumstances ..... Love IN Action!

Lets team up as INTERNATIONALS and work together on an INITIATIVE to make a life by what we give.

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Treasure your talents - Invest Time, Knowledge and Practice INTO YOUR talents....wrapping it all up in a 'Blanket of Prayer', seated securely on the solid comfy 'Couch of Character' and see your talent touch the world! (Rory Alec 2017)
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