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Are YOU an International?

........ A person who lives over and beyond your own personal "borders", beyond your own self interest, comfort zone, someone who thinks about others, not just yourself? A person who feels others, finds pleasure in the development and well being of others. Are you someone who appreciates what you have and wants to share a little of that blessing you enjoy to another life in less fortunate circumstances! If you answered yes to my opening questions?

I suspect you ARE an International!

My name is Rory Alec, a lover of Jesus, a father, an ex-husband, a 'better' husband, a musician, composer, arranger, performer, a Television producer and veteran TV host & presenter, a Minister of the Gospel.

In my working life I have been Chairman and CEO of many Companies, Media and Humanitarian projects, I have had the privilege of visiting many countries, many cultures, from slums to palaces, meeting Presidents, Prime Ministers, from Princes to Paupers, men, women, and children from all walks of life, the wonderful and the not so wonderful, and I find in my 50 plus years on planet earth totally agreeing with Louis Armstrong in the lyrics of that great song WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

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