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I got a call from Horst-Michael Schaffer.... "The guys and I are heading to Italy for three days to record a new Album for JAZZ BIG BAND GRAZ - JBBZ Smål called 'Times of Change' and we want to make a small EPK video for the Album release, we have a limited budget and I loved working with you on my previous project .... can you help? Would you be interested? Small budget!.... very Small.

Of course JBBZ is one of the top jazz bands in Austria - Europe.....I said please send me some of the music demos that your planning to record, let me hear the music - if it moves me I will commit to your project.... I will do all the filming, Directing and Editing - this will be a passion project .... as the budget was super small and we had already discussed that this would be filmed on iPhones and Go Pros locked off with me as the only camera man!

I loved the sound and the line up of some world famous guest artists.... so in Jan 2020, I packed up the gear and headed for Italy

Well it was an extraordinary three days with brilliant musicians, recording in a famous and accomplished recording studio in Udine, Italy in Jan 2020. Just a few months before the Corona Virus shut down all of Italy not to mention most of Europe , indeed the world.

Here are some videos giving a 'look into' this wonderful projects:

I loved working with the guys and I finish this short blog with this reminder - all footage was filmed on iPhones, and Go-Pros! It's always about the people, their talent and their passion, that attracts me to each project.... while a budget helps, it's never about the budget!

Horst-Michael Schaffer – Vocals, Trumpet

Heinrich von Kalnein – Saxes, Alto Flute

Karen Asatrian – Keyboards

Thomas Wilding – E-Bass

Tom Stabler – Drums


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